Best Bodyweight Exercises without Equipment

best bodyweight exercises

One can be able to maintain a perfect body which is full of energy and healthy without necessary having to pay for the extra fees in the gym. These exercises can be performed at the comfort of your room at any time of the day.

Starting up with light warm-ups for a few minutes is usually advised to keep your body blood circulating efficiently, this can involve things such as walking or marching. This will increase your body temperature in preparation for high intensity training.

Best Bodyweight Exercises

Pushups are the way to begin especially in the morning as they only require a small space and no machines. Perform 4 pushups abs in and back straight. Pushups are known to aid in the buildup of shoulders, arms and buildup of the chest. One should use a   full range of motion like arms locked on the way up and nose against the floor on the way down.


Chair deeps is an exercise in bodyweight exercise without equipments and all you will require are two chairs facing each other  and about 3 feet apart. While sitting  on one chair  with your hands palm down  and gripping the edge  of the chair, place your heels on the other chair hold yourself up using the triceps. Slide forward Just far enough that your behind  clears the edge of the chair  and lower  yourself so  your elbows are at 90 degrees. Perform this exercise for as many time as you can.

Wall sit is another typical exercise whereby with your back against the wall and your feet about 2 feet away slide down until your knees are at a 90 degrees angle and hold this position for as long as you can. Superman’s’ is another type of exercise that you will need to give a try whereby by lying on your stomach with your arms and legs stretched out raise your arms and legs of the ground a few inches and hold for a few seconds.



Squats is another good exercises  that is good in building up leg muscles, while putting your hands behind your head  and keeping your heels on the floor  bend through your knees  and look forward  while squeezing your glutes on the way up. Make sure to  stretch your hamstrings  3 times a week  if you can’t squat lower than parallel.

Side jumps can be performed  while one is standing  with the feet together, at this position jump to the right  several feet keeping your knees  bent and make sure to land  while in  a squat position, you can compliment this exercise by jumping side to side  frequently.

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