3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health

13 July 2017

There are thousands of things one can do to stay healthy but these 3 little easy to do approaches will nail it for you. While the following suggestions are easy to follow, they can make a tremendous difference in your health.

Boil your kitchen sponge

I know it sounds crazy but did you know that the food crumbs that remain on your kitchen sponge spread lots of bread lots of salmonella bacteria and germs? Well, it does. To stay healthy, you must deal with the germs daily. So how do you keep your kitchen sponge free from germs? Make sure you thoroughly wash and cleanse your sponge after your kitchen activity. Dry the sponge. You can do this by creating a hook in your kitchen on which to hang it or you can just place it near the kitchen window. Boil your sponge in water. Boiling the sponge in bubbling hot water will kill the germs but make sure you hang it to dry after. If you need something quicker than boiling, try zapping the sponge in a microwave for half a minute.

Flush your organs

We all know the benefits of water. Water flushes our organs of toxins. It’s commonly said that when you actually recognize that you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Do your best to drink water frequently to avoid dehydration, especially when doing things outdoors. Drinking water can also curb your appetite. People find that when they feel food cravings, it is actually not hunger, but thirst. Staying hydrated can not only keep your body fueled and free of toxins, but also prevent you from excessive snacking.

Take the stairs rather than the elevator

Working a traditional office job can make it difficult to find the time to exercise. Fortunately, many offices have multiple floors. Whenever possible, try taking the stairs rather than taking the elevator. Not only will this help burn calories, but exercise can also release endorphins, making you happier and possibly more productive.


Even in the busy pace of the modern world, there are ways to live a healthy life. Start with a few simple changes, and as those become habits, add more. A healthy life is within your grasp, go for it!