4 Tips to Improve Posture

18 July 2017

Modern lifestyle at home and work has contributed to poor posture in most people. Bad posture has dire consequences including soreness and pain, poor circulation, negative mood, and fatigue. It is up to you to have better health and personal happiness, by learning these simple four ways to improve your posture.

Identify what is causing the pain

Is it the chair in your office, the many hours you spend watching TV or playing video games, or complete negligence? Identify where you are getting it wrong and fix it accordingly. Determine the part of your body where you feel the most pain and focus on those areas during your recovery process.


Regular exercise is a sure way to help improve your posture. The stronger you are, the better it is for your body to get vitality and learn to sit up straight. If you don't have time for major exercise, you can start with simple activities like stretching, or just lie down on the ground, every morning and night and make "snow angels" for about three minutes. You can also try practicing small shoulder and chest exercise, uncross your legs, and form the habit of always pulling back your shoulder blades. For every 40 minutes you're sitting down, stand up and walk around for about 5 minutes.

Use ergonomic office chairs

For those working in busy offices, the opportunity to engage in exercise is quite limited, to be honest. The alternate option is to make use of posture-friendly props and ergonomic office chairs when sitting. In addition to relieving pain and promoting upright posture, ergonomic chairs promote proper breathing, healthy circulation, comfort, and efficiency. You can also make use of motorized and programmed desktop and laptop support that allow you to use your computer whether sitting or standing.

Beware of 'text neck'

Many people who suffer back pain due to bad posture think mostly of the long hours sitting down in the office and ignore other possible contributors. Text neck is a modern health problem that comes with the age of mobile device texting. To avoid text neck raise all mobile device to eye level when texting. You should also take frequent breaks when, arch and stretch, and try to stay fit.

Improper posture can ruin your health and cause serious health complications. Pay attention to your back and spine, by doing exercises, using ergonomic props, and avoiding text neck. You should also consider consuming more vitamin D and calcium, or see a doctor for possible medication.